Crystals and Reiki San Francisco

One of the long-standing complementary methods of healing is reiki. Though it started in Japan, it has spread far and wide, and by 1937, it reached the shores of North America, specifically in the United States. Thus, you’ll find thousands of practitioners of reiki in San Francisco. A lot of them stay true to the basics or the origin—that is, they use the power of their hands to enhance the patient’s life force or to transfer universal energy for treatment. However, in recent years, a number are also relying on crystals to speed up the healing process.

The healing properties of stones and crystals are actually not new. If you’re going to trace back thousands of years ago, even during the Middle Ages, you’ll discover the effects or importance of these items in the people’s lives. Nevertheless, as conventional medicine became more popular, crystals took a backseat until other healing practices such as reiki were adopted.

Normally, people think of jades and turquoises when they hear about reiki. But as masters do their work, they found out that a wide variety of stones emit frequencies and that are beneficial in their practice. The kinds of stones and crystals to use, nevertheless, are highly dependent on chakras. Chakras are part and parcel in the lives of Hindus. It is their belief that the body is made up of chakras, or life forces, which create balance among the body, mind, and spirit. If one of these chakras becomes blocked, then the body becomes imbalanced, and various types of diseases occur, depending on which chakra is being affected.

There are 7 major chakras in the body, and they are color coded. For example, the crown or the eighth chakra, which is located above the head, is white. The fourth chakra, which is subdivided into two (thymus and heart), is turquoise and green, respectively. The root is the base of the spine and is denoted as red.

The colors of the chakras usually dictate the shades of the stones or crystals to be used. For the base, you have red calcite. If you have problems with your heart, you can opt for emerald or jade, while the crown reacts positively with diamond. But like any other things in the world, nothing is considered permanent. Thus, sometimes the sacral, which is colored orange, works better with turquoise. Both the master of reiki in San Francisco and the patient should work very closely to understand which stones and crystals the latter react more effectively.

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