Searching for the Right Bay Area Reiki Master

There are two main reasons why you need a master of reiki in the Bay Area: one, you need healing, and two, you want to be taught. Either way, the criteria of looking for one are almost the same.

One of the very first things you need to know is if the person is truly a master. Sadly, a lot of people claim they are after attending only a couple of sessions. In the truest sense of the word, one becomes a master only when he or she has completed all three levels or degrees in reiki. The last one is called the mystery teaching. By then, the practitioner knows how to lay hands as well as perform long-distance healing. He or she also is already adept in the principles, theories, symbols, and other teachings and applications related to reiki. Thereís no definite time line as to when a person becomes a master. The learning process rests on him or her, but if he or she is truly determined and has the gift, he or she can become a master in only a couple of months.

Another point to consider is the competence. There are many different ways to measure this one, usually depending on what type of reiki youíre looking for. For example, some masters are extremely good in laying of hands but not in using crystals or calling the angels to help in the healing process. Nevertheless, know what you want to achieve from reiki and use it to determine if a master is competent in the area or not.

Itís also very important to find someone youíre comfortable dealing with. Energies are better transferred or used when youíre completely relaxed and open. Though some reiki masters are prolific in what they do, they are finding it hard to bond or establish a stronger emotional or spiritual attachment to the patient. This can be a problem since the power of reiki may not be as good as expected. As they say, always trust your gut or instinct. If something seems amiss or unsettling, then itís better to look for another practitioner or master as soon as possible.

Search for a master of reiki in the Bay Area whoís willing to go the extra mile. When it comes to reiki, Bay Area practitioners and masters are not conventional doctors, and so they cannot give you any diagnosis or prognosis, among others. However, the best ones provide you with extra tips on diet, exercise, and other complementary alternative medicines to speed up the healing process. Meanwhile, if youíre a student, the master gives hand-outs and manuals so you can practice reiki in your spare time.

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