Myths about Psychics

Just when you think you know everything about a particular Bay Area psychic, youíll soon realize that most of the data you have may not be completely true at all. Indeed, the psychics, or at least those who openly practice their gifts, are subjected to discrimination, profiling, and name-calling. These circumstances then force those who want to develop their own gifts to remain quiet or stop the pursuit. To finally put an end to these myths, letís debunk them right now.

Myth One, a Bay Area psychic reads minds. This is partly true. Some of the psychics try to determine whatís on your mind or read your future, but this is only part of their ability. You see, the abilities are far ranging, and they can include telepathy, clairvoyance, and mediumship, among others. The real psychics, however, do not do this unless they have your permission as they donít want you to feel theyíre intruding on your privacy.

Myth two, a psychic is a scammer. A lot of so-called psychics are, and theyíre easy to spot. First, they give you information you yourself know. Second, their questions are often leading. Third, they ask for hefty fees and even do so before you can begin a session with them. Normally, too, this conclusion stems from the fact the predictions donít become real. But you have to remember that they are very much like the weather forecasts. These are simple warnings. They can come true if you donít heed to the advice.

Myth three, psychics talk to the dead. Not all Bay Area psychics can do that but only those who can sense the presence of the dead or who have the ability to communicate, so a medium is a psychic but a psychic doesnít have to be a medium.

Myth four, a Bay Area psychic knows everything about you. Almost always, psychics focus their attention to only certain aspects of your life, and these are requested by the clients. For example, a businessperson may approach a psychic to know what type of enterprise he should invest on. Thus, a psychic brings his or her attention to the financial or career side of the person.

Myth five, the psychic is wrong; therefore he or she is fake. Can a psychic be wrong with his or her assumption? Of course, just like every person in the world. After all, he or she is still human, and no matter how much concentration he or she exerts, the individualís mind can be bothered by the worries of the world. Thatís why psychics are encouraged to enhance their abilities through regular trainings and practice.

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